Thursday, January 29, 2009

It has been awhile - please forgive me

I know. I am sorry. I have been fighting a cold and have been so tired at night. I haven't had the energy.

So where are we? Mike did a round of Chemo this week despite the cold he gave me. He was literally in bed until around 5:00 pm on Wednesday. I think he slept and threw up most the day on Tuesday. He didn't start throwing up until Monday night. So that was different this time. Normally he starts throwing up during the Chemo. He is also not throwing up as much this time. Now, I would never say that to him, because he feels so bad. But I am the one that cleans the bucket and it is a true statement.

We went today for a CT Scan. We were supposed to go yesterday, but everything got cancelled due to the ice storm. (Elizabeth got her second Snow Day this year. She played outside most of the day). The CT Scan will give us more information to bundle with the PET Scan. We hope to get results on Monday when we meet with the Dr. Two things that are a little different with Mike - his potassium is on the normal low side. We have started taking pills to help keep that up. Potassium is important in keeping the heart going so we don't want to mess with that. Mike's billiruben is a little elevated as well. That is hard to determine bad or concern because Mike has Gilberts' Syndrome that has caused that for as long as I have known him. And in the end, God is in control.

Something new/interesting to report is that Col Fowler flew to Dallas yesterday and met with Mike and I today. He will also be back with Darla from Shepard AFB tomorrow. He is going through all the retirement paperwork and checklists with us. He is also helping to solve some pay issues. He told us something that was very interesting and we consider and blessing of what has happened to us. As you know, we have SGLI and because we have it, we automatically can convert to VGLI. They can not deny us. THAT is very important because Mike will never qualify for any insurance due to cancer. What I was surprised to hear is that some people do not elect to take SGLI. The blessing in this is that some people have taken our circumstances to heart and are now taking SGLI to protect their family. I think we are an awesome example of why insurance is important. One year ago, we were closing on our first house ever. Life was flowing and we had no idea what was around the corner.

Tomorrow, Darla is coming and we are going to address the great "What if" question. What if something happens to Mike. I really hate that we have to go there, but we have to go there. I will probably tear up too... So I am going to pray for extra strength and extra sleep tonight.

Monday is our last day on active duty. February 2 is our retirement date. We are done and need to walk into retirement, the VA system, and Tricare Prime. I am looking forward to 3 months from now when that becomes routine. Our list is big for next week. We have to go meet with our new Primary Care Dr, go to Carswell for ID's, and now I need to track down medical records from one of our hospital stays to send to the VA. Presby Allen is not responding to their request. YES... I am calling on Presbyterian Hospital in Allen, TX. It just makes me feel better.

Finally, Wendy and Jeff and coming in from Abilene this weekend. I love visitors. I love the AF and all the friends that we have made along the way. Thank you for sticking with us through this.

Mike to eat more
Mike to gain weight
Miraculous results from the CT Scan
Our house in FL to sell
Godly intervention over all the details over the coming weeks
Health care - that there will not be any issues as we switch over to retiree status... this is one of my biggest fears

Ice Day - it was fun for things to shut down for a day
Insurance for our house in FL - had to pay through the nose for it, but we have insurance
Elizabeth and the joy she brings us
Mike's will to keep fighting despite how bad the Chemo makes him feel
Col Fowler and everyone at Hurlburt that is bending over backwards for us. Words can not express our gratitude

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday - another blessing and Chemo again

I want to first state at the beginning of this blog that Mike is free to blog at any time. His comment about me "letting" him blog cracks me up. I would actually prefer him to blog more. He has a gift of writing and expression in my opinion!!

So I will first start off by telling you blessings... Mike gained weight this week - 4 lbs - and he is up of 157. So that is a HUGE praise. He also did something last night that blessed Elizabeth more than he will ever know. Right now in our bedroom we have our king bed and the hospital bed. Elizabeth has slept in our bed ever since Mike's diagnosis back in September. I am not about to kick her out because I think it brings me as much comfort as it does her. Last night, Elizabeth was talking about the bad spirits/demons she was feeling/seeing. Both Mike and I talked about her ability to rebuke them in the name of Jesus. We told her that this is one thing she has full authority over in the name of Jesus. She doesn't need to wait until she is older (that is a thing that really bugs her), but that when she accept Christ she received full authority and the same Holy Spirit that her Mom and Dad have. Anyway, Mike crawled into bed with us and snuggled her and rebuked the spirits and coached her through it. She fell asleep in his arms and he fell asleep holding her. She has wanted Dad to cuddle her for so long. What a blessing from God.

Of course I feel asleep crying and praising Jesus for this special Gift!!

Today is a new day and Mike is sitting doing Chemo as I type. He has a little head cold too. It is really hard to watch. I so want that complete parting of the Red Sea Miracle. The cancer is gone and you are free to resume life as you did before. But looking back does matter. We have to look forward. So we walk on - in Christ, always in Christ- and pray for strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

Prayer needs -

Chemo - that is will kill the bad cells and not effect healthy cells
Mike's cold - that it will resolve without a bad side effect like fevers or hospital stays
Our house in FL to sell
Wisdom of Solomon - we have allot going on the next 10 days or so with our retirement date approaching - Feb 3 is our official last day on active duty
Mike to eat and drink more
Mike to gain weight this week
Throwing up - for Mike to only throw up the tumor and nothing else

A roof over our heads
Family snuggle time last night
Family and friends
That God has revealed so much more of his character and heart to us on this journey. Both Mike and I have deeper knowledge of Him and a more complete picture of everything He did for us than we ever did before

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Praise Yeshua, Praise Jehova Rophe in the Highest!

It has been some time since I posted, and after the wonderful news we received yesterday, I felt God nudging me to do a post. So Deanna is letting me write today.

We went into the clinic to get the usual blood tests and got a small blood booster shot too. White count was a tad low. The PET scan results were ready. I had mixed feelings about getting this scan. If the news were bad, it would just knock us down emotionally for nothing because it wouldn't change the treatment in all likelihood. It also involves an injection of a radioactive variant of glucose and some more radiation, stuff we would ideally like to avoid. But apparently we should have gotten a baseline PET when we first started with this clinic and Doc was fairly insistent, so we went ahead and got it. It's been a source of some anxiety as we waited for the results. Would there be worsening conditions on existing tumors? Discovery of new tumors that were previously missed or just new? During Elizabeth's birthday celebration, I kept wondering if this would be the last one I would see. At the end of the day, I just want to get my health back to where I can once again provide for and protect my family, and of course do some good works for God along the way.

How wonderful and faithful, merciful and mighty is our God! The PET results are amazing: No metabolic activity in the liver lesions. Nothing in the myocardium, spllen, or kidneys, bladder, bowel. Lymphatics are clear, lungs improved with with "Many of the areasof scattered nodular opacity noted on the previous CT are no longer visible". Bones are clear as well.

Praise God! We still have "mild to moderate activity" at the stomach/esophagus junction, but God will heal this as well in his good time. There is so much to be thankful for here, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

I also wanted to say a belated thank you to everyone at Hurlburt who worked so hard to get me out of the hospital and back home for Christmas. I can't tell you how much that meant to us.

I'm still nauseous pretty much all the time. I believe it's because the tumor in the stomach is slowly dissolving and its nasty remains go right into the stomach to upset it, plus the chemo side effects as well. Funny thing is the doctors don't really know, so my guess is as good as any. It's hard being sick all the time and trying to eat to live; I've lost an incredible amount of weight...probably 20-30 pounds below my optimum weight. This is a shocking state of affairs for someone who has been overweight since childhood, and trying to lose weight his whole life. I can't eat a lot, and much of what I eat comes back up. But each time I am sick, I thank God because I believe it's part of the healing, removing the dissolved tumor material from my body. So there is this strange race going on right now between killing that tumor and fighting to eat. Will I succomb to malnutrition before the tumor is dead and stops interfering with eating, or will we kill the tumor in time for me to eat enough and survive? I'm putting my money on God.

Please join me first of all in praising Jesus for this wonderful healing, our other prayer requests remain unchanged. My sincere thanks to all of you for everything you've done to help us.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another miracle, Another mild stone, and JUST EAT MIKE!

We are so blessed today. We have made another mild stone in this walk... Elizabeth's birthday. We have had the absolute God given joy of celebrating her life this weekend. She was a miracle from God and we consider it an absolute blessing that we got to celebrate this weekend with our family and dear friends. WE had a cake and ice cream sundae party at our house and God also blessed us with Sherry to help with all the details. For all those that know Sherry, ask her about the cake box lid hitting her in the face this weekend. I have never laughed so hard. Best of all she did it in front of an audience at Tom Thumb. I will tell you this, Sherry is my angel. She was such a big help. I couldn't have done it without her. I am blessed that God knows when to send in earthly angels to be with us right now. As time goes on, people naturally go back to their lives and that is when God sends the biggest blessings in our wonderful friends.

We do not have the PET Scan results and I will blog those as soon as I get those. Mike went into the Dr Khan's office this morning. Mike lost 3 pounds this week and nutrition has become the biggest concern. He is down to 153 lbs completely dressed. We have increased the IV's and everything, but we need him to develop this incredible hunger right now. I realize it needs to be baby steps and I need to patient. The thing about this that I hate the most is that I have to ask him all the time, "What do you want to eat?" or "What have you eaten?" or "Try this" or "Here is this". I am on him all the time to put food in his mouth. Most of the time, he doesn't. I have bought so many protein drinks and mixes just to try to find something for him to put in his body. Any suggestions would be welcomed at this point.

We are not doing Chemo this week due to Mike's nutritional status.

There are two miracles in all this:
1. Mike is no longer on any pain medication or patch.
2. Dr. Khans words this morning " I can no longer feel any tumor" as he is pressing on his stomach.

Mike is weak due to his nutrition and weight loss. He gets winded quickly and has no strength right now. But God will work on that too. God can do that on top of everything else.

Prayer needs:
Mike to eat more
Mike to drink more
The new nausea medication to work
Our house in FL to sell
Sleep and rest
Focus and time to get paperwork/taxes/files together
Elizabeth's spelling bee tomorrow

We got paid!!! God answered that prayer!
The tumor is shrinking
IV food that is keeping Mike alive right now
Medication and insurance - I don't ever want to take that for granted!

Friday, January 16, 2009

End of the week...

Well, it has been another hard week. Mike is still throwing up and not eating. He tried yesterday to eat an apple and orange but they came back up. I asked him why an apple and orange and he said because he was hungry for them. I do consider that a praise. He was hungry for them. He has thrown up today. He is getting that metallic taste in his mouth from the chemo. He says it is in his saliva and he swallows it and it makes his stomach upset.

We went to the Cancer Center today and had a PET Scan. We will get the results on Monday morning. Mike was injected with radio active stuff to light up the cancer so we will know a little more about what is going on.

Mike is also getting very winded right now moving around. We are praying that it is related to the Chemo. All his blood work looks fine at this point. His red blood cell and white blood cell are holding steady.

So the bright spot in the week is Sherry flew in from England and is staying for the week. She might get a little bored, but it is awesome to have her here. Angela was also here from Midland for two days. It was fun to have girl talk and we went to lunch and went to Sam Moon to shop. A little taste of normal.

Please Pray:
Mike to gain weight
PET Scan to show miraculous results
Energy and sleep
Mike to stop throwing up
Wisdom for treatment options
Me to find some energy...

Laughter with friends
Col Fowler and his magic wand
good books that speak to your soul

Monday, January 12, 2009

We need to pray him through this latest crisis

I really need to make an appeal to all the prayer warriors out there. Mike lost 10 pounds last week and is down to 156. I don't know what to do anymore. Starting tonight, we have increase his lipids to 2 bottles a day - that equates to 12 hours of IV's a day now. But he has got to develop an appetite for anything.

I read another great book today and there was one quote in it that applies to what is going on here. This preacher was involved in a horrible accident and was dead for 90 minutes. Another preacher was behind the accident and was told by God to go and pray. He prayed for the preacher and he came back to life. However, the preacher in the accident had to deal with severe pain and a horrible healing process. At the depths of the crisis, the preacher didn't want to live anymore. He couldn't do it anymore. The Christian that was talking to him said, " You don't have to do anything. We will just pray you through this." He called all the prayer warriors and people prayed all night for him and God answered there prayer and he made it through the crisis.

That is what Mike needs right now. We need to pray him through this new crisis. Will you please join me and ask God to develop a hunger inside of Mike for food and nourishment and that Satan release the hold he seems to have on it in the Name of Jesus. It is important and becoming very crucial.

IV's that can sustain him
Insurance that pays for the IV's. I think I heard they run around $1,000 a day
Sisters that come over and help
New friends and a some girl time at Pokeno

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday - Day of Rest

Well the weekend has had it's up and downs. Mike has not felt good all week and is still throwing up that nasty brown stuff. In fact he said he feels worst today. We are scheduled to go in tomorrow at 8 am to see the doctor and then head to Chemo. I don't see how we can do it. I mean Mike has not really eaten all week. I expected the first few days to be bad, I just thought we would get good days too. You know, where he could build up his strength. Please pray for this decision. I think we should wait another week.

Elizabeth had her first basketball game this week. My cousin, Craig, is the coach. She is on the team with her cousins - Madissen and Alex. They lost in over time by one point (final score with 8 to 7) but it was the funnest thing to watch ever! Mike made it through about 1 quarter and then went to the car to sleep. Elizabeth scored one point and jumped up and down. I love my child!

Other than that, we spent the weekend at home. Just the family. We were blessed by a prayer team that stopped by to lay hands on us and pray. I was extremely touched how they prayed for me. They just seemed to know all my worries and fears. I need to take one day at a time. My question for anyone out there who has been through something like this, "Will things ever be normal again? Will the stresses worries and burdens go away eventually?" I feel like I can't give anything 100 percent anymore. I used to be a better mother, better wife, better partner, better manager... I feel like I am just barely making it through each day. I am just beat by the end of it too. I will tell you this. There is a church here that has a cancer support group called the "Unexpected Journey" and I am joining it.

I do have one thing that I am looking forward to tomorrow. I was invited to play pekeno (I don't know how to spell it) across the street tomorrow night. I am so excited that it brings we to tears. I just pray that everything goes well tomorrow day so that I can be there.

Prayer Requests:
Mike to eat and drink more
Mike to gain strength and weight
Absolute Godly Wisdom in treatments. That God will make the call on Chemo tomorrow
Strength for me and organization skills and time (and energy) to accomplish all the tasks that need to be done - taxes, house, business, retirement
Financial Wisdom and providence
Our House in FL to sell

Mike is still here and fighting
Brother who lets us invade his house to watch football
Christian Brothers and sisters who know when to pray and when to send notes of encouragement
Church- to go and worship
10 year olds playing basketball for the love of the game!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rough Day - Prayer needed

Today is just one of those days. The morning was pretty good. Mike had his CBC and then got a Neuprin shot (for low White Blood Cell count). We came home and walked up to to school to pick up Elizabeth. That was good! Mike also sat outside to absorb some rays.

However, today, Mike is still throwing up that nasty brown stuff. He is not eating really and barely drinking. He has lost 5 pounds since Monday. And he is supposed to start all over again on Monday??? Tonight I have prayed that God wakes me if Mike needs care. I am nervous that we might be in the ER at some point this weekend. I don't know why other than his lack of fluids and throwing up.

We also found out today that Bill Curry- Bill from Sarasota and ANWC - passed away on Sunday in Cuba. All we know is that he contracted an infection. He beat it for awhile and then took a turn for the worst and passed quickly. Our hearts are both broken and full of praise at the same time. Words can not express our gratitude, love, and sense of loss. We know Bill is a Christian and is now with Jesus.

Prayer Request:
Mike to eat and drink more without throwing up
Mike to gain weight and strength
Healing for the throw up issue
Sleep and rest
Wisdom in treatment for us and for all the Doctors/Nurses
Our House to sell in FL
Elizabeth and wisdom in helping her deal with Bill's death

Praise List:
Bill Curry and his legacy
Mike's CBC count was good
TPN and Lipids - the IV's that we do here. Without these Mike would probably be in the hospital tonight
For everyone that is passing along our house information
Friends who call and listen even when you cry
Jesus's blood on the cross that cleansed us so that our life is not about this earth. It is about our real home with him for eternity
My mother looks great and is doing very well

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Throw up, "Strangers" and Praising

Monday was round 2 of Chemo. The actual physical act of sitting in a chair while toxins are pouring into you is not bad. Mike did start throwing up about 1/2 way through and then we headed home where he continued to throw up.

We went back on Tuesday for a shot to boost his immune system and he was still throwing up. We went home and I finally called at around noon to let them know. We then headed back to the Cancer Center for fluids and anti nausea IV's. We went home and he was still throwing up.

We went back on Wednesday for blood work and saw the doctor because we were still throwing up. We then got more fluids and anti nausea medication. We went home and he threw up one more time.

Thursday... he woke up and felt better. He got out of bed! He is sitting outside soaking up the sun and we also had enough energy to go to Lewisville for a colonic. I just made him some mash potatoes to eat. He has not eaten during the last 3 days. Praise God for his protection and timing. I pray we can get him to eat more over the next few days to gain strength back to start this all over.

Last night and today were awesome. I went to church last night at First Baptist McKinney and sat in on a bible study on Jeremiah. It felt so good to sit and just be taught from the word. So filling and refreshing. I also met a stranger - who is no longer a stranger - that has been reading the blog and praying for us. How awesome is that?? At first, I was a little taken back. Someone we have never met would really be praying for us and really supporting us. But they are as well as many others. I hope that someday, God will line everyone up in heaven that has been praying for us so that Mike, Elizabeth and I can hug each and everyone of you for your love and commitment to present our prayers before the mighty One we serve.

I also was able to read a short book - Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers - that was an incredible gift to us. He is a former Chaplain and the basic point of the book is giving God Praise in ALL Things - praise for cancer, praise for divorce, praise for deployments - and then the testimony of the incredible mercies and grace and miracles that result from it. I highly recommend it. It is short, but worth every page.

Did anyone catch the Barbara Walters special last night? It was with Patrick Swazye and his wife. Patrick has Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer with met to liver. We watched it last night and it was like watching Mike and I on TV - well almost. I think Patrick made a comment that it tests everything he believes. For us, this has not tested our faith, it has deepen and enriched it. That is the truth. Probably the biggest comfort to me last night was his wife. She broke down in tears a few times and that was so encouraging to me. I do that all the time. I am tearing up right now. I did it last night in front of my new friends' spouse. I think in the end, the tears come from a deep sense of love, pride, appreciation, and admiration of our husbands strength, fight, and for me faith.

So as hard as Mon, Tues, and Weds were, today is a blessing of calm and peace. These days are such a treasure.

Prayer requests -
Mike to eat and drink more
Strength for today
Healing for Elizabeth's voice - she got a cold 3 weeks ago and still doesn't have her voice
Chemo to work at demolishing the cancer
God's plan and purpose for Mike
More days like today!
Our house in FL to sell - we dropped the price $10,000 today
Financial things to work out...

Praise list:
Mike is not throwing up and he is eating small amounts
Mike has cancer and it changed our lives
God hand in this walk
I got to spend time with a 3 year old today
Col Fowler and everything he is doing with our pay and paperwork
Kaye and everything she is doing with our medical/tricare needs
Marsha Thomas and Faith Gibson for everything they are doing to sell our house
I washed the car today - first time in 6 weeks
A sunny day to be outside with Mike
Jesus died on the cross for my sins and is the bridge we will walk to enter heaven!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Round 2 of Chemo today

Well, round 2 of Chemo is now working away inside of Mike. We were at the doctor from 8 am until 3:30 pm. I will take that any day over staying in the hospital though! We started with the Dr's visit and then on to Chemo room. Here are the praises:

Mike didn't lose any weight in a week. He weighs 167.
Mike's blood count looks great. He is at 10.8 and all others look great. Even his albumin which has been extremely low for a very long time is coming up.
Mike's test for colitis came back negative for the second time. We can now stop the expensive (and nasty tasting) oral antibiotic.

We headed off to the Chemo room. We packed up games, movies, IPOD, and food. Mike and I played a game of travel scrabble and we were both embarrassed at our skill. We eventually gave up. I mean how many four letter words are there anyway?

We got to meet some interesting people, but really didn't branch out too much the first time. It is really intimidating and I felt like I needed to whisper. I am sure we will get more comfortable as time goes on. Right now, we will be going there every morning for shots or blood work.

We got home and started Mike on his TPN and Lipids for the night. I want to start asking for prayer about this. We need to start weaning Mike off of his liquid/IV food and start getting him to eat more and more through his mouth. I might be asking for too much too quickly, but I want to pray for it anyway.

We didn't sleep much last night. I tossed and turned alot. I have now turned that "unable to go back to sleep time" into prayer time. Have you ever woke up and prayed at 2:30 in the morning? It was very peaceful and not any distractions. I am all for a good night's sleep, don't get me wrong. But God gave me a new perspective last night and it was awesome.

Please Pray:
No chemo side effects
Mike to eat and drink more
Mike to eat enough to stop the TPN and Lipids
Our house in FL to sell
Financial issues to work out
Mike to gain strength and weight
God's continued manifestation of healing

God Bless you tonight!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just in Case you think God doesn't speak to us...

Before you read this blog, please read the one I just posted.

I hope this comes across to everyone. This is the perfect example of the Lord God that I serve and how He hears me and truly speaks to me and Mike. I just blogged about my fears and wanting to freeze the moment. I logged out of the blog and checked my email and this is what came across through Kevin and Lynette...

..."Do not stay in the stronghold. Go into the land of Judah"... - 1 Samuel 22:5

David and his fighting men had been hiding in the cave of Adullam. He was fleeing Saul. Many of life's down-and-out had come and joined David's army. David was content to stay in the stronghold of safety. Then, God's prophet came to David and told him that he must leave the stronghold and go into the land of Judah.
When life beats down on us and we get to the place where we want to hide in a cave, God often places people around us who prod us into moving in the right direction. He does not want us to remain in the place of discouragement. He wants us to move into the land of "praise." Judah means "praise."
I recall when I went through a very difficult time. It seemed to drag on and on with no change until finally I wanted to retreat to a cave and forget pressing on. It was a great time of discouragement. A godly man came to me and said, "You must keep moving! There are too many who are depending on you in the Kingdom." I didn't totally understand what he meant at the time. Now I know he was saying that God is preparing each of us to be the vessel He wants to use in the life of another person, but we will never be that vessel if we give up and hide in our cave of discouragement. Not only must we keep moving, we must move into a new realm. Our attitude must move from discouragement to praise. It is when we move past discouragement to praise that we begin living above our problems. Make a decision today to go into the land of Judah.

This was my answer. While we are not discouraged right now, we still can't stay in the stronghold. I can't freeze the moment. We must keep moving into the land of Judah. He is preparing us to be a vessel - a vessel of praise. We must move into the new realm and continue walking forward to allow God to show his miraculous hand here.

2009 - And so a new year begins

Never in my life have I wanted to freeze time more. This weekend has been amazing. We were blessed by a visit from Tony, Patti and Brianne Cihak. Tony is on his mid tour from overseas and he took time away from his family to come see us. It was awesome and just brought so much joy to us. We also got a visit from Bob George. He is a great friend and Christian mentor to Mike from Tucson and Christ Community Church. Again, it was an awesome visit. He brought us a picture of Christian, who passed away on Christmas day and we were able to reminisce about the wonderful things he did while he was here. There is so much to be thankful for. We really spent the weekend "fattening" Mike up. He ate tropical ice, salmon, orzo, green juice, mashed potatoes, honey chicken, wheat grass, eggs, oatmeal, smoothies, etc. Can you believe that miracle? I just posted a list of food that Mike ate over the weekend. I am praying that Mike gained weight this week. I will let you know tomorrow.

Tomorrow ..... We have a Doctor's appointment and Round 2 of Chemo. We are doing it out patient and it should take all day. I can be there some with him. We have packed a bag of activities for the day. Mike got a DVD player for Christmas from my Dad and we will be taking that along with a long supply of military DVD's that Pat gave us. Of course all this depends on the weather. Right now they are predicting ice again. Elizabeth is hoping that school will be cancelled.

Honestly, I can blog about the Chemo, but I still am afraid and fearful. I want to freeze time. I have never been one that liked intense movies and I will tend to skip to the end of the book so I know what to expect and then can relax as I read it. (Steve and Robin know this!). And yet I can't skip to the end. I have to let God write this story and just live it one moment at a time. I also have to not allow Satan a foothold with my fears. It is amazing how quick he can work.

So as the New Year begins, I am blessed that we are still together as a family. I am blessed that we had a great weekend and holiday. I am blessed that Jesus is my Savior and I really do know the end to that story.

Please Pray:
Chemo tomorrow - that it will attack the cancer and not Mike's healthy cells.
That we will have no side effects this time - no colitis
That Mike's body will remain strong - all organs, all muscles, all tissue and his blood
Mike's blood count will be strong tomorrow
Elizabeth will continue to grow in her walk with Jesus
That I will continue to grow in my walk with Jesus
That I can handle all the paperwork that will start again this week. Many questions popped up over the holidays!
That I can be a blessing to my extended family instead of such a burden all the time
Our house in FL to sell. As time tracks on, this is becoming more and more of a need. The financial burden will be too much for us once Mike retires on Feb 3
Pay issues to work out this week.