Friday, January 7, 2011

2011.. A New Year

New Years Eve... 10, 9, 8, 7... how is it possible to think so many thoughts in so few seconds. To leave 2010 behind was both good and bad. The good is the Hope that comes with every new year. To change things, to improve things, to start again. Yet, as I tried to hold back the tears it also meant leaving so much more than just a year. In a way, I am leaving Mike. I am going forward without him. I have to change what I thought was my future and help Elizabeth and I develop a new one. I was thinking one day about my future job and assessing my financial need for this imaginary (as of now) job. It was weird. Before cancer, I always planned with retirement in mind. We talked about places we wanted to go, places we might want to live, how many grandchildren we hope to spoil. All priceless things and moments because it was our dream together. So now as I am thinking what I need to save for the future, I stop and pause.. and actually stop thinking about it because it hurts to much to let go of those dreams that we had together. When you lose someone so precious to you, your loss is so much more than the person. You lose those plans, those dreams, those moments.

6....5...4...3 take a deep breath. Now it is time to accept reality. I am here now because I fell for Mike Phillips heart and soul and that I would not change. If I had somehow been given the vision of these last 2 years before we got married, I would have still said, "I do". The ride, the love, the moments, our daughter, our life... all worth it.

2...1... 2011 is here. Time to move forward and honor Mike. While Mike is gone, he left his heart, soul, and love here with Elizabeth and I. Elizabeth does things everyday that are so Mike. I can hear his voice cheering us on. Time to pull it together with Christ's help!